Urban Andes


URBAN ANDES tackles the issue of water insecurity and unsustainable urbanization in Andean livelihoods.  This research and design-based project materializes the multidisciplinary expertise and visions of  its team members into strategic urban projects that will become referential materials for the water-sensitive development of cities.


URBAN ANDES tries to promote multidisciplinary and inter-institutional collaborations, focusing them on the design of integral solutions that combine city/rural water management.  This will introduce a new way of working together between local universities, governmental institutions and peasant communities.  Ultimately, the project aims to contribute to the consolidation of an Andean Landscape Urbanism practice that allows to build resilience in the face of Climate Change. 


The International Urban Design Workshops that URBAN ANDES develops in its current phase aim to convene planners, decision makers and scientist together through the process of Design, while formulating water-urbanism strategies for Ayacucho’s resilience.